Facts and Figures

Shareable facts & figures

Some of the information you might want to share with your community is included below. Remember, this is just a starting point!

Information about homelessness in Melbourne

  • The rate of homelessness in Melbourne has been growing. On any given night, over 24,000 Victorians are homeless.
  • Homelessness does not discriminate. It can happen to people from many different walks of life, including families with children, young people, older people, single adults and people with disabilities.
  • To end homelessness in Melbourne, we need the support of our whole community.


Information about the RoughIn’ It Challenge

  • Help Launch Housing to end homelessness by taking part in the Roughin’ It Challenge between April 16 - 23. 
  • During the challenge you’ll show your solidarity with people who have nowhere safe to sleep by living with no bed, one bag of belongings and just $10 a day. 
  • The money you raise will help Launch Housing to end homelessness.


Information about Launch Housing

  • Launch Housing is an independent Melbourne-based community organisation passionately committed to ending homelessness.
  • Launch Housing know homelessness is solvable and have a plan to reverse the rate of homelessness in Victoria.
  • Launch Housing need your help to end homelessness!