How It Works

Register for The Roughin’ It Challenge and help end homelessness.

We know we can end homelessness in Melbourne. Help us do it by registering for the Roughin’ It Challenge. 

From 16 – 23 April 2021, raise funds and show your support for people with nowhere safe to sleep by Roughin’ It for one (24 hours), three or five days.

As part of the challenge, you’ll have to temporarily live with no bed, one bag of belongings and only $10 a day for food and essentials.

While we can never replicate the experience of homelessness, these simple rules will, for a brief period, allow you to experience a small part of what’s it like to be without a home and live in poverty.

Roughin’ It will be tough. But that’s why it’s a challenge.

The challenge does not end at the three core guidelines.  During the event, you will encounter a few extra surprises in the form of ‘game changers’ – tasks to complete that will enhance your experience and open your mind to the experience of homelessness and just how tough it can be.

Set up a fundraising page here and share it with friends and family

Before the challenge, ask your friends and family to sponsor you for your efforts. All money raised will help Launch Housing to help end homelessness.

During the challenge, you can share your experience on social media to help spread the word about Melbourne’s homelessness crisis using the hashtag #roughinitchallenge

Do it rough for those doing it tough and give someone the chance to find a place to call home.