Tips & Tricks

Preparing for the challenge

During the Roughin’ It Challenge, you’ll need to make sure that you follow the challenge rules. Over one, three or five nights, you’ll Rough It with no bed, one bag and $10 a day.

It might be helpful to spend some time preparing to Rough It, including setting up your sleeping place, packing a bag and shopping for food and essentials.

We’ve included some ideas to help you get started:

1. No bed

You cannot sleep in a bed. You may choose to sleep in your car, in a tent, or in makeshift camp on your property.

Remember to check the weather forecast before deciding where you’ll sleep during the challenge. If rain is forecast, you’ll want to pick a dry, undercover space.

Regardless of where you’re sleeping, ensure you have a sleeping bag or warm blankets. April evenings can be chilly in Victoria!

If you’re pitching a tent or setting up a makeshift camp on your property, do this earlier in the day so you’re not too tired and there’s plenty of light.

Make sure you get plenty of rest and take care of yourself in the days leading up to the challenge, as you may have a poor sleeping while Roughin It.

2. One bag

Everything you need for the duration of the challenge, including bedding, must be packed in one bag (like a standard backpack) or carried with you. A backpack or small overnight bag for example.

During the challenge you cannot leave your bag anywhere – it has to be with you at all times, even when going to the toilet! 

If you don’t pack it or carry it, you cannot use it. You won’t be able to take all your belongings so be sure to select items that will be most useful to you during the challenge.

Some key items you might want to pack in your bag include:

  • Change of clothes and underwear
  • Raincoat
  • Sunscreen
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Any medication you take regularly
  • Water bottle
  • Torch
  • Food
  • A bowl, spoon, knife and fork
  • Book
  • Mobile phone

3. $10 a day

For each day of the challenge, you have just $10 to spend on food and essentials. All your food and consumables must be carried in your bag. 

You cannot bring any food or drink in advance (for example, food you already have in the house). The $10 allocation is the only allowance you have for food.  It is fine to use water from your house taps.

Your kitchen and appliances are off-limits.  This means no use of appliances like the oven, microwave or kettle. 

You can of course use the bathroom, but all equipment you wish to use in the challenge e.g. soap, towel, toothbrush etc must be packed in your bag.

During the challenge, you won’t be eating as much or as frequently as you usually do, so try to pick filling meals with a mix of protein, complex carbs and vegetables. A sandwich is cost efficient and tasty option. You also won’t be able to access your regular kitchen or dining area, so you’ll need to get creative to prepare and eat your meals. Familiarise yourself with the free and accessible resources in your area, like outdoor barbeques. If you’re completing the challenge over three or five days, you might want to purchase most of your food in one go. It’s easier to find bargains or buy in bulk with a larger budget.

Tips & Tricks

During the challenge

We won’t lie to you - Roughin’ It will be tough. But that’s why it’s a challenge! 

You may not sleep well without your bed. You won’t be able to use all of your usual creature comforts. There won’t be much money to spend on food or essentials.

You may experience hunger and tiredness throughout the challenge. Try to conserve your energy by getting plenty of rest during the day and avoid any strenuous activity or exercise.

Roughin’ It may also be a confronting experience, leaving you feeling fearful or anxious. Remember, the Launch Housing team and Roughin’ It community are here to help and support you!

We will be in touch throughout the challenge, but if you require any assistance please reach out to the Launch Housing team via [insert details]

After the challenge

Congratulations! You did it!

By Roughin’ It you’ve helped to make huge difference to Victorians experiencing homelessness and raised much needed funds.

But your role in ending homelessness in Victoria doesn’t have to end here.

You can continue to support Launch Housing in our fight to end homelessness by becoming an advocate, volunteering your time or giving a donation to support someone in crisis today.

Visit our website to find out how you can continue to take action today


Fundraising tips and tricks

We get it, fundraising can be tricky!

We’ve complied some hints and tips to help you put your best foot forward:

  • Set a goal: When you sign up for the Roughin’ It Challenge you’ll need to set a fundraising goal. Every dollar goes towards helping our Victoria’s most vulnerable citizens, so reach for the stars!
  • Share on social: You can share your Roughin’ It Challenge fundraising page or any of our social media tiles with your social network. You never know who might be inspired to donate. Find our social tiles and other resources here :
  • Reach out: Before people donate, they might want to understand more about the issue or why it’s important to you. Connect with friends and family directly with a call or face-to-face conversation.
  • Follow-up: We all live busy lives! While your family and friends might have every intention of donating, it’s easy to forget. A friendly reminder never hurt anybody.
  • Remember why you started: On any given night, more than 24,000 Victorians are homeless. But it doesn’t need to this way. We can end homelessness with your help.