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Roughin' It Challenge

I am taking part in the Roughin' It Challenge

I've created this page because I want to make a difference.  I wanted to raise money for Launch Housing as part of my participation in The Roughin' It Challenge. I will be spending 24hrs on the street and sleeping rough in winter with only one bag, and $10 to spend. 

It's a small challenge for me to experience a tiny amount of the cold, loneliness and discomfort that many homeless people or rough sleepers experience for real on a daily basis. Please help me help them by giving whatever you can. 

The more people that know about Launch Housing, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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Rough night.

Monday 1st Aug
There are a LOT of homeless people in the city. After dark the streets fill up with cardboard camp outs. 
Although I don’t think I look much different from usual, I attracted a lot of attention from security guards wherever I went. Maybe it’s the air of aimlessness. 

So wandering endlessly isn’t as much fun at night and the wind is freezing. I did enjoy some more public art such as a couple of abused pandas and a homeless Jesus. I read my book outside the state library and found some great cardboard for my bed. 
My sleepout spot (thanks Kent St!) is as close to the street as I can get while still being on private property (a legal requirement). I can’t use it until 1am and then some late drinkers pushed it out until 2. Janelle and Brit are more patient than I could be (thanks again!) but they have a shot and knock off. My bed is hard and my sleeping bag has a broken zip but I’m out like a light. 
A few short hours later I’m jerked awake by what sounds like a demolition job next door. It’s 530am and renovation time. I’ve never realised how loud smith street is at this time.  My bones are aching and there’s no point in sleeping anymore. I don’t know how anyone could. 
I head for a $1 coffee which is much more enjoyable than I expected. 830am and there’s a hot breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome on Brunswick street. The staff are very welcoming as you’d think and the food is wonderful and humbling. 
Almost over now and I’m keen to finish. I head to Vic roads to do some admin. There’s only so much walking and sitting on park benches I can take. I achieved my target with nearly $1400 and counting! I also made 55,000 steps!
Thanks everyone and Happy Homelessness Week!

Rough day one.

Sunday 31st Jul
Ok so 24 hours -no home, no dog, no car, no friends or family, no bed. No worries! Just $10, one bag and two feet. 
First off, this is just a challenge, it’s not a real experience of homelessness. For me it’s an adventure with some small deprivation  so I’m not even close to the stigma, trauma and suffering of a homeless person. On the other hand I’m trying to isolate myself to see what it’s like to live outside my comfort zone and friend network. 
Most people know what it’s like to travel on a few dollars a day but I’ve never actually slept on the cold concrete of the street in winter. 
To begin with I have warm clothes, sleeping bag, a book, my phone, a torch, some toiletries, spare undies and $10. 
I did a lot of walking- Fitzroy gardens, treasury gardens, botanical gardens- which really warms you up. I went to the Ian Potter gallery and saw Ron Mueck’s latest as well as lots of amazing art. All free and warm. 
Melbourne is blessed with lots of public seating which is much appreciated, unlike London or New York where they put spikes on everything to keep the homeless away. 
Fed square has canvas deck chairs! There was a great public art exhibition of giant eye sculptures to enjoy. 
Then the shrine for some bagpipes and bugle and the commemoration of LGBTIQ+ in the defence force. 
More walking back through the city where there is a deaf man in a cage protesting. I’m not sure what it was about but he gave me a penny. Then up to Bourke street where the Salvos run a free dinner service every night of the year - except tonight!!
Never mind, I walked back to Fitzroy and went shopping:
A tin of tuna with 6 crackers and a little spoon- $1.05
3 tiny tins of chick peas and dressing- $1.30 each. 
Orange 48c
Cheetos $1.05
“Key lime crumble pie” $1.12

So that’s dinner and snacks for tonight for $7.50. Leaves a little for coffee in the morning. 
Then Gertrude street projection festival, a shrine at Charcoal Lane for Archie Roach, and a bench outside St Vincent’s decorated with all the stickers from everybody’s vaccinations.
Free trams are warm and comfortable!
I enjoyed getting around the city and just wandering like a tourist in my own town. It’s amazing to see the life of the city. 
So all up an interesting experience although I do feel like an outsider not being able to participate in the consumption by getting a snack, a drink or a meal. Of course I don’t have the stigma of actually being homeless and it will all be over tomorrow. Still, I don’t know how I will go sleeping tonight. I’m off to look for a big bit of cardboard…

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Good on yer! Keep warm. Sorry to have missed you last week.



Good on you Colin, I hope it’s not too cold on the night!


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Good on ya Colin


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Well done for supporting this Col!


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Many thanks for this and all other efforts!


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Love that you’re doing this Colin! Amazing initiative. Hope you find a warm place to sleep


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Good on you Colin.



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Good on you Colin!


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Great work


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Go Col. Hope you make your target.



Great job Colin! Such a great initiative! ❤️


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Good work Colin!


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Fudge! This is a huge thing to do. x