The Roughin' it Challenge
Terms & Conditions



Terms and Conditions – Peer to Peer Fundraising

Thank you for fundraising for the Melbourne Zero campaign. The terms and conditions listed below (Conditions) are the basis for you undertaking fundraising activities in support of the Melbourne Zero campaign as powered by Launch Housing.

You acknowledge and agree to accept the Conditions by creating a fundraising page or joining an established fundraising team.

Please read the Conditions carefully. If you have any questions, please email us at

Your participation in the Challenge

  1. As a participant in the challenge, you must abide by the Event Rules.
  2. You are joining the Challenge on your own behalf and at your own risk. By taking part, you are accepting all risks relating to or arising from your participation in the Challenge.
  3. You agree to release Launch Housing to the fullest extent permissible under law for all claims and demands of any kind associated with your participation in the Challenge and indemnify Launch Housing for all liability or costs that may arise in respect to any damage, loss or injury occurring to any person in any way associated with your participation in the Challenge.
  4. Launch Housing is not responsible for your health and safety while you are participating in or fundraising for the Challenge. Before participating in the Challenge, you must consider your health, any existing medical conditions and advice from medical professionals, if appropriate. If you feel unwell during the Challenge, you should stop participating immediately and seek medical assistance.
  5. You must ensure that you participate in the Challenge in a safe manner and place, such as a backyard, front yard, car or other areas owned by you, that do not require third party approval.
  6. You must not participate in the Challenge in any public space, such as a park or public facility, without the express permission of Launch Housing.
  7. You must comply with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements (including any COVID-19 laws, regulations or government guidelines in place at the time of the Challenge).
  8. All expenses associated with participating in the Challenge are your responsibility.
  9. The funds you raise through participating in the Challenge must be provided in support of Launch Housing, and cannot be used to buy equipment or donated to another organisation.
  10. Any person under the age of 16 participating in the Challenge must be appropriately supervised by an adult at all times.

Promoting the Challenge

  1. You must make it clear in all your dealings with the public, sponsors and supporters that you do not represent Launch Housing, but are raising funds that will support Launch Housing.
  2. You should only use Launch Housing issued material to promote the Challenge. If you wish to use the Launch Housing logo on any other materials or products, you must ask Launch Housing for approval well in advance of the Challenge. Conditions may be imposed on your use the Launch Housing logo.
  3. Any media material or press releases must be approved by Launch Housing prior to circulation.
  4. You are not permitted to approach the general public with door to door or telephone collections as part of your fundraising activity.

Other important information

  1. Launch Housing reserves the right to withdraw approval for you to participate in the Challenge if you do not comply with the Conditions, or for any other reason, if it necessary to protect Launch Housing’s reputation.
  2. You acknowledge that you are not covered by Launch Housing’s public liability insurance while participating in or fundraising for the Challenge.
  3. You acknowledge that you are not an employee or agent of Launch Housing, and that you are not acting in any other representative capacity.
  4. Launch Housing is committed to complying with all relevant privacy legislation, and to informing clients, supporters and other relevant people about privacy and confidentiality in the way described in the Australian Privacy Principles. For more information, please visit