Why Rough It?

We can end homelessness with your help.

Join The Roughin It Challenge to build awareness & raise funds

It is possible to end homelessness in Melbourne. Take part in the Roughin It Challenge to raise funds and awareness. This unique fundraising event challenges you to live with no bed, one bag and under $10 a day – can you do it?

The links below provide some further information about the homelessness issue and about Launch Housing, the organisation your efforts will help. You can also find out more about how your money helps further down the page.


About Launch Housing

On any given night, more than 24,000 Victorians are homeless. But it doesn’t need to be this way. We can end homelessness with your help.

Take part in the Roughin’ It Challenge to raise money and show your solidarity with people who have nowhere safe to sleep.

Live with no bed, one bag of belongings and just $10 a day for 24 or 48 hours. Ask your family, friends and others to sponsor you to complete the challenge.

The money you raise will help Launch Housing to end homelessness.

The experience you have will open your eyes to just some of the challenges people experience every day.

Where Does the Money Go?

All money raised will go to Launch Housing to help end homelessness.

Your fundraising efforts will help Victorians doing it tough right now as well as supporting long-term activities to end homelessness.

Every dollar you raise has an impact on someone and makes a difference:

$25 raised could provide a new set of toiletries for a person in need

$50 raised could provide urgent medication for a person in need

$75 raised could help a parent buy their children much needed school uniforms

$200 raised could help a parent pay their children's school fees

$300 raised could feed a family in crisis for a week

$500 raised could provide someone with a fridge or a washing machine when moving into a new home after experiencing homelessness

$1,000 raised could provide a full home starter kit for someone who has experienced homelessness.