Why Rough It?

You can help end homelessness in Melbourne

The Roughin’ It Challenge can be a transformative experience, raising awareness and empathy for others, alongside vital funds to end homelessness in Melbourne. This unique experience challenges you to 24 hours with with no bed, one bag and $10 a day – can you do it?

Taking on the Roughin’ It Challenge - with colleagues, friends, family or school mates. Get sponsored and spark conversations about ending homelessness in Melbourne.

You will gain insights into the challenges of sleep deprivation, hunger and limited possessions. There’ll be surprises along the way – both welcome and not – that open your mind, prompt conversations and build your understanding and compassion for others.

Melbourne is one of the world’s most progressive and liveable cities, yet thousands of Melburnians are homeless today. We want more for Melbourne - a liveable city for all of us. We want to be Australia’s first city to end street homelessness.   

Many people don’t realise that homelessness is solvable! The solutions are known – tried and tested internationally and right here in Melbourne.

Your participation in The Roughin' It Challenge will directly support, Melbourne Zero, a campaign powered by Launch Housing to end street homelessness in Melbourne.

We’re starting with ending street homelessness because it’s a health emergency. People sleeping rough on our streets are likely to die 30 years earlier than people in stable housing. It’s the most traumatic, dangerous and isolating form of homelessness. Ending homelessness is cheaper to solve than treat. It’s the crisis Melbourne can, and should, avoid.

We’re a caring city - showing it by publicly calling for change and taking actions, together.  Taking part in the Roughin’ It Challenge has proven a powerful way to build empathy, understanding and compassion. Insights from the experience, conversations and funds raised help to create the lasting change needed to end homelessness in Melbourne.

Experience 24 hours with no bed, one bag, and $10. Get sponsored and spark conversations about ending homelessness in Melbourne. 

Open your eyes to just some of the challenges thousands of Melburnians experience every day.

Where Does the Money Go?

All funds will help support the Melbourne Zero movement, to publicly challenge stigma that arrests progress, and build a community of champions calling for change.

Every dollar raised makes a difference.


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