Gather your Roughin' It team today!

Make ending homelessness in Melbourne your business!

Round up your colleagues, friends, family members or school mates. Doing the Roughin' it Challenge with others is a powerful experience for young and old, and eye-opening way to help end homelessness in Melbourne!

Challenge yourselves to experience a small glimpse of the difficulties of homelessness – 24 hours with no bed, one bag and less than $10. There’ll be surprises along the way – both welcome and not – that open your mind, prompt conversations and build your understanding and compassion for others.

Take your Challenge  further - see who in your team can attract the most sponsorship, or aim for the top of the fundraising leaderboard!

There’s no minimum or maximum limit on the number of people who can join a team. All funds raised will be attributed to both the individual and the team.

Where to do your Challenge?

Most people/teams do their Roughin’ it Challenge a property they own, rent or work in, like at someone’s home or workplace. For safety and legal reasons, your Challenge must be within the grounds of a property you have permission to use.

Your Roughin’ It Challenge cannot be done in a public space - this can be dangerous and potentially illegal, so please keep clear of these spaces.

When to do your Challenge?
Pick a date that best suits you!

It might be 24 hours during the week with colleagues or school mates, over a weekend with family, or whenever you like. Nominate your date when you Sign Up to do the Roughin’ It Challenge so we can send you the right info at the right time to make the very most of your challenge.

Registering a team

1) To set up a team, you first need to Sign Up then fill in your personal details to establish an account
2) Fill in details on your personal Roughin' It Challenge page
3) Once you've completed steps 1 & 2 you'll be able to create your team in your registration portal. Make sure to complete the prompts on the team form.
4) Then go ahead and invite people to join your team

Once you’ve signed up, let your family, friends and colleagues know about your team’s challenge and ask them to sponsor you.  Remember to keep them informed about your challenge with tales of your experience, some choice pics or video – it will help them see what they’re supporting and will likely trigger some interesting conversations!

Register to set up a team today!

Supercharge your team with these tips:

Appoint a Team Captain

This person signs up and gets everyone started (maybe it's you)!

Assemble your team

Invite your colleagues, clients, suppliers, family, friends and others to join your Challenge to help Melburnians without a home. Start planning to get together in person or hold an online event to bring your community together.

Consider your kit

What are you going to pack? And eat? Its not easy to make a healthy, sustaining meal that can carry you through the day on less than $10, especially without kitchen equipment! Hints and tips coming soon!

Share your preparation – and seek support!

Share your photos on social media, newsletters and meetings/get togethers. Include a link to your team page, and seek donations to support your challenge.

Ask about dollar matching

If part of a work team, check if your company has an employee dollar matching program and apply for a share. If not, ask them to consider starting this for the Roughin’ it Challenge!

Build a super team

Super teams are a great way to build relationships with interstate branches or sites - combine your fundraising into one grand total nationally. This makes it even easier for the company to donate to support everyone’s efforts! And be sure to make time to get together afterwards to debrief your Challenge experience!

David's experience

"This is an experience I will never forget. It has changed my views on homelessness and those that experience it massively"
David Murray, Buildxact CEO, took on the Roughin’ It Challenge in 2021.