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Roughin' It Challenge

I am taking part in the Roughin' It Challenge

Homelessness is a social issue with detrimental impacts amongst the individual, community, economic and societal level.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big advocate for combating the issue of homelessness. As an emerging social worker who’s embarking on my final year at uni, I aspire to work within the field one day to assist the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our society.
I have decided to do my bit this year and take part in the “Roughing it up challenge” from the 27th-29th of May. The rationale behind this challenge is for participants to experience a fraction of what individuals experiencing homelessness do on a daily basis.
The challenge encourages participants to live with no bed, one bag of personal belongings & less than $10 per day.
Individuals sleeping rough have minimal income & income support, clothing and food. To make the most out of this challenge and experience, I acknowledge my privileges and will be minimising them to the fullest extent by sacrificing my income, remaining outside during the day & night with minimal clothing, food, shelter & no technology. I will complete this challenge regardless of the weather. Even still, this isn’t even a portion of the challenges endured by individuals experiencing homelessness.
Typically, my involvement in challenges involves embarking on long walks to raise awareness & funds to combat societal issues. To say this one is a challenge, is an absolute understatement.
Please help me work to end homelessness in Melbourne by sponsoring me and/or sharing the link below.
Thank you! 💓

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Proud of you babe xx


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So proud of you knackers! Don’t get sick again 🤒 love you


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Keep doing amazing things and being the wonderful person you are. x


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